15 Powerful Bible Verses To Gain Momentum In Life

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Life is full of transitions. The ups and downs of life are meant to teach us valuable lessons and give us the skills/ experience. Truth be told, if these experiences are not involved, we would not shine bright like a diamond. There are powerful verses from the holy scripture that serve more than just a band-aid for your ailing soul.

It is important to know that it is not just you who has to face the testing times. A lot of people are going through the same, everyone has their battles to conquer. We have some powerful words from the Bible to give you a grip on life. If you are looking to gain momentum in life, here are fifteen powerful bible verses!

1-    GOD Is Your Motivator

If you are ever wondering where to get motivation, hope, and inspiration then just open the Bible. When God is your motivator, you do not have to search for any other source! Read 1 Corinthians 15:58. There is no better healing source for your soul than the word of God!

2-    When You Feel You Are Not In Control

There are times when it feels that nothing is in your control. The uncertainty of life overshadows every aspect of your life, and the joy is farfetched. On days like that remind yourself that God has your back!  Romans 15:13 inspires and fills the heart with the love of God!

3-    When You Are Feeling Unloved

If a wave of despair strikes your heart where you feel isolated or a sole warrior in your battles, then do not plunge into depression. God is your protector. In such times find the divine love embracing your being from collapsing. Use Psalm 27:4 as an affirmation and as a prayer!

4-    When You Need Strength

There is a special power in keeping a strong persona but let's face it, we do fall apart. We sometimes need a boost to keep going. When you are looking for a booster shot of strength then Isaiah 41:10 is your reminder that God’s powerful hands are holding you and your strength comes from God!

5-    Every Day Is A Good Day With God

Lamentations 3:22-23 reminds us that as soon as we wake up, we should have faith that the sun is shining bright in our life. Through faith, we are guided even on our darkest days. There is abundant love flowing from God to make the darkest hour appear less fearsome!

6-    When Fear Takes Over

Fear is part of the human experience everyone has to overcome. Fear of the future turning worse, fear of relationship falling apart, fear of happiness turning into a gruesome event, etc. You should know that your mind is leading you astray and pressing your ribs with fear. Deuteronomy 31:6 urges you to be strong and courageous because you are never alone! God is with you!

7-    When Your World Is Crumbling

If heartache empowers your being, or you feel something is not as per your plan, it appears as if your world is falling apart then there should be an immediate reminder to assure you that through all jolts, earthquakes, and thunderstorms of life God has your back! Read Psalm 46:1-3.

8-    When You Are Feeling Directionless

The best part about having faith is that when your direction is God you may stumble but you won’t ever be hurt because God will be carving your way towards prosperity and peace. A person is never directionless when he is with God! Psalm 37: 23-24 says so!

9-    Opinion Of Others Do Not Matter!

If you are living a life of people pleasing, then you won’t ever suffice to please everyone. You should know that what others are thinking of you does not matter. God’s opinion of you matters and, in His eyes, you are a loved creation meant for greater things than people pleasing! Read Colossians 3:23.

10- When It Seems Impossible

Matthew 19:26 guides that when anything appears to be out of human capability it does not mean it is impossible for God. Nothing is impossible for God! Through firm faith, you can witness the miracle of impossible enigmas solving like a basic puzzle with the power of God!

11- When You Feel Invisible/ Unheard

A person can feel unheard and unappreciated. In a group of three friends, the third friend may feel like a spare wheel. Do not negate your feelings as invalid. Heal them through the power of words. Psalm 34:17 tells you that you are not alone. Your plight is seen and heard by the most powerful and merciful!

12- When Your Sparkle Is Fading

If it appears as if the spark within you is being extinguished Romans 12:11 reminds you to remain passionate about the things that matter to you! There is no room for despair when the heart has found God!

13-  When In Self-Doubt

There are times when we feel we do not have what it takes to get to the goal. Even if you are aiming for the toughest ambition Philippians 4:13 empowers you to just go for it! Through the words of God infinite strength flows!

14- When You Need Permanence

Everything in this world is finite and impermanent accept the existence of God. Isaiah 40:28 reminds us that God has unlimited potential, and He is never growing tired of listening to us or being there for us. He is the most reliable confidante!

15-  When Feeling Anxious

God reminds us that there is no room for what ifs and anxious thoughts when you truly believe that His plans are in work for you to give you the best! 1 Peter 5:7 is your daily reminder that God is caring and looking out for you!


You can never be a victim of despondency as long as faith and the words of God are your anchor. Bible is full of motivational words to empower, encourage, and ensure that through the days of life you are not alone. God is taking care of you!