20 Ways To Re-Organize Yourself

16. Create An Inventory And Don’t Over Stock Supplies

Make an inventory of home cleaning and toiletry supplies, so you don’t run out and don’t overstock either. You might think overstocking is good, but if you don’t have enough storage then all those extra supplies are just wasting your precious space. The same tip is applicable for office supplies, canned goods and toiletries.

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17. Label Stored Food and Perishables

When was the last time you found an unrecognizable Tupperware of food in your freezer?  Sometimes it’s not just cooked food — juice, condiments and sandwich spreads go unnoticed until one day you’re wondering what that mysterious green goo is. Minimize food wastage by putting a label on all items in your fridge, complete with expiration date, name and quantity or size.

18. Create Daily, Weekly And Monthly Schedules for Cleaning

Organize your cleaning schedule. It’s extremely exhausting to have a “cleaning day” where you clean everything all at once. Distribute tasks evenly, so for example, dish washing could be done daily; while vacuuming could be scheduled weekly and cleaning the windows done monthly.

19. Get A Task Management App on Your Smartphone

Download Trello, or any other task management app on your smartphone so you don’t forget random errands and tasks.

20. Create a Weekend Bucket List

Keep a list of activities that you want to do, so you can consult this list on boring weekends instead of wasting your time figuring out what to do—or just giving up and watching reruns at home.

Whichever of these tasks you decide to do, remember that you can’t completely organize your life in one go. It’s a long, never-ending process so be patient. Just decide to get organized now then take baby steps until you see some semblance of order in your life. Soon enough, you will be making a habit out of it all.

Original Source:  KeepInspiring

These 20 tips on Organize Your Life will help in many areas of your life no matter is in your home, work or even daily life. Make sure you use these tips to properly manage your life so that you can live a carefree life.